I had just been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. I felt as though I was dying on the inside.

I was given a life-long chemical prescription, but something inside me was unwilling to settle for simply addressing the symptoms. I was determined to get to the root cause of my pain.

Throughout years of healing work, I've been held by many in sacred spaces as I was being guided to bring awareness to the unprocessed wounds of my past.

therapy saved my life.

therapy my life.

work with me

Time and again, I was led to a profound sense of self-love, self-awareness, and self-acceptance. My feelings mattered. I mattered.

I had tasted the sense of inner love and peace that is inherent in every single one of us, waiting to be rediscovered. Through my own journey, I came to realize that healing is a way of getting in touch with that part of us that lives in wholeness. Healing is a remembering.   

A sense of homecoming. 

For most of us, our early wounding and conditioning cause us to lose touch with who we truly are. We go about our lives with parts of us hurt, stuck or lost. These parts end up shaping our behavioral and emotional patterns. Although these patterns are familiar and provide us with comfort, they also cause us great suffering and prevent us from feeling alive and open to life.


As we start to explore and peel off those layers, we start to heal and integrate the wounded parts and find our way back to our core self where love, joy and fulfillment reside. With this healing comes wholeness and emotional freedom.

I experienced how being held and supported by a compassionate other during our dark times transmutes pain into transformation. My own path of healing and becoming continuously inspire me to create a safe space for others as they embark on their own journey.

I offer a holistic approach to those who are looking to deepen their relationship to self and live a life that is led by their heart, soul and inner knowing. 


When we are truly heard, seen and received by another human being, we come back home to the feeling of belonging and acceptance – what we long for all our lives. I guide a self exploration that encourages deep curiosity to look at all parts of ourselves – the good, the dark, the painful and the joy-filled in a safe, non-judgemental space.

Relational Somatic trauma therapy reside at the core of my work. In our sessions, we use the intelligence of the body in the present moment to allow a deeper exploration that goes beyond the everyday mind. By cultivating an inner witness, we become more aware of our physical sensations and deeper feelings. This approach allows an organic process for our pain and suffering to be witnessed, transformed and integrated. Our inner wisdom guides the path of true change.  

We also use the healing power of relationships as we dive deeper into our early wounding through inner child work. The process of acknowledging and meeting those younger parts of us allows the pain to transform into self love and acceptance.

In my work with clients, I bring my own lived experience and continuous learnings. My approach is harmonized by Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Inner Child work, Shadow work, Attachment therapy, Jungian psychotherapy, Buddhism, mindfulness and spirituality.

I hold a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and I’m a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BCACC. 

ISTP™ (Integrative Somatic Therapy Practice) - current
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Certificate - 2020-2021
Masters Center for Transformation - Professional Training Devoted To Core-level Healing, Awakening, and Integration - 2021-2023


Fell physically ill and chose to turn towards my pain 

Continue to have the honor of guiding and supporting clients 

Aligned with my true purpose and became a psychotherapist 

Built a life in a new country and fulfilled my dream to become an event manager 

Left home to embark on a journey 

my journey


meet fiona

work with me

I grew up in Istanbul, Turkey in a Jewish family. I experienced both being a minority and not belonging and being part of a close knitted community and how important relationships are for our emotional wellbeing.

I became an avid reader early on and through stories in books, built an insatiable curiosity about the world and many different lives within it. This deep curiosity led me to leave my familiar life back in Istanbul and move to Canada at the age of 22.

I was building a new life in a completely different culture while completing my studies and following my dream to become an event manager. However, as I was walking this path, something inside of me was screaming. My soul was suffering.

Through my physical body and its signals of dis-ease, I was being called to turn towards my pain and face the suffering. This was the beginning of my own journey of self discovery. I got immersed in embodied psychotherapy through shadow work and inner child work. Along this process, my health started to improve and my true calling became clearer. I decided to leave the corporate life and go back to school to become a psychotherapist. I was meant to walk with others and give the gift of therapy back. I had finally found my home and my true purpose in life!

With an insatiable curiosity for Life and her mysteries, I continuously turn to depth psychology, mindfulness and spirituality to deepen my growth, seek further guidance and reach deeper
inner peace.

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