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Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing with me as your guide. In this minimum 4 months container, we delve deep into the roots of your past, nurturing growth and resilience. Biweekly sessions and ongoing voice note support offer continuity and depth, fostering a strong therapeutic alliance and providing a consistent framework for profound and lasting changes. This immersive experience not only heals past wounds but also empowers you to cultivate a clearer path
towards your desired future. 
This work is a powerful catalyst for a profound transformation that will remind you your wholeness and freedom
in a truly embodied way! 

you're ready for transformation!

somatic therapy sessions 

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In my therapeutic sessions, I employ a somatic relational approach coupled with inner child work. This unique method facilitates profound trauma healing and reconnects you with your wounded parts, offering the care and love they've longed for throughout your life. The frequency of sessions is tailored to your preferences and availability, ensuring a personalized and supportive healing journey.

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“Both my husband and I had sessions with her as a couple and as individuals. We both found her to be very direct and straightforward. Through the winter I continued to see Fiona 1 on 1. I was really struggling with many aspects of my life.  I felt very supported by her not only when I was grieving (so much crying!) but also as I turned the corner and began to feel whole again. She shared in my joy of self discovery and I believe she genuinely cared how things developed for me. Fiona is very accomplished at her craft; compassionate and insightful in her observations as well as clear and concise in her manner of speaking. I would suggest her to anyone who is facing turmoil and seeking clarity and grounding. My experience with her has been very positive.”

kept me focused on growing my self awareness.

-o, 31

"Fiona has been an amazing source of support. She helped me build an understanding of myself in a way I had never been able to before. With her guidance I was able to build the strength to completely change the course of my life. I got out of a deeply toxic situation. I'm very grateful for her compassionate, non-judgmental approaches to problem-solving and working through trauma and her openness to exploration of an issue until I feel like I have a complete and comprehensive understanding."

an amazing source of support

-e, 32

“With gentle, deeply compassionate, and incisive clarity, Fiona gets to the heart of the issues I raise in our sessions. I leave our sessions with a fresh, always resonating, perspective on something I've been struggling with. Fiona provides specific therapeutic tools which power my own work outside of the sessions and have enriched my life greatly. Fiona's support is highly attuned and insightful - I feel incredibly seen by Fiona and working with her has changed my life.”

Fiona's support is highly attuned and insightful

-C, 32

 "I will always be deeply grateful for my time with Fiona. Her warmth and compassion have helped me to value my own sensitivity, and to find compassion for myself in places I never could before.”

deeply grateful

-e, 32

"Fiona witnesses and holds space for me in a way that makes me feel understood. Fiona has helped me reframe situations or my reaction to something that all of a sudden makes everything click. As someone who struggles with anxiety, the discoveries or realizations that happen in a session alongside some of the tools Fiona has shared have helped me make positive changes in my life, my habits and how I approach relationships. We've also been doing some great work on boundaries too (as someone who grew up with enmeshment, mother wound and parentification dynamics) this work has been very helpful and meaningful to me. Fiona is a very kind, relatable and caring person. I'm so glad I found her!"

very powerful and influencial on my healing journey

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