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In our work together, we move BEYOND WORDS and connect deeply with the 
WISDOM of your own  BODY! Through mindfulness, somatic practices, breathwork and touch, we access the deeper layers that talk therapy can't. 

Perhaps you have tried therapy before but haven't been able to create lasting change. You notice the tension on your shoulders, or that heaviness on your chest and just can't shake it off. 

Imagine shedding years of pent-up stress and walking through life with a newfound sense of freedom and joy. In our sessions, we embark on a journey to restore balance and harmony, fostering a deep sense of fulfillment and transformation that ripples through every aspect of your life.

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I experienced firsthand the transformational power of being held by a compassionate other while going through dark times. My own continuous path towards healing and wholeness inspired me to create a safe space for others as they embark on their own journey. 

I work with those who are looking to deepen their relationship to self through the wisdom of the body and lead a life lived by the heart, soul and inner knowing.

I'm a Registered Clinical Counselor with BCACC. 

Therapy saved my life

How can we work together?

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self exploration that leads to a more fulfilling, peaceful life with better relationships? 
There are two ways we can shape our journey:
We can step into a committed container for minimum 4 months with Immersive Journey or  start with Somatic Counselling Sessions. 
If you're not sure yet, let's connect and have a chat!

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How can we work together?

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"I'm shifting in way that I have never imagined. This isn't the work I'm used to doing in counselling, and yet when the connection happens and release comes I feel like I have unloaded years worth of heavy emotions. My life is naturally shifting in ways that I never imagined possible, my body has started to process emotion differently, I am thinking about life differently, and I feel powerful." A. L., 43

Somatic counselling with Fiona is changing my life

"Working with Fiona and implementing somatic modalities in my life, has completely transformed my relationship with myself and the world around me. As I learn to connect with my body, I become more attune to my inner child and my authentic self.  Fiona has taught me how to hold space for myself, how to let go of guilt and has helped me recognize that it is safe for me to experience a happy life of my own definition" A. B., 31

I can finally hear myself again and my true desires

“Fiona is very accomplished at her craft; compassionate and insightful in her observations as well as clear and concise in her manner of speaking. I would suggest her to anyone who is facing turmoil and seeking clarity and grounding. I felt very supported by Fiona not only when I was grieving (so much crying!) but also as I turned the corner and began to feel whole again. She shared in my joy of self discovery and I believe she genuinely cared how things developed for me. ” B. C., 57

kept me focused on growing my self awareness.

"From the very first session, I felt we made significant headway into 'the meat of the sandwich'; I am quite accustomed to having such 'breakthroughs' only after several sessions with someone. Fiona has consistently delved straight into old wounds with our sessions and I have left each discussion with a noticeable feeling of being lighter and finding release of old tension - some of that tension I was not even aware existed within me. I highly recommend Fiona as a therapist/counsellor - she is incredible at what she does and is an amazing guide on your path to healing!" K. C., 44

After years of talk therapy, grateful to have found Fiona 

“I feel incredibly seen by Fiona and working with her has changed my life. With gentle, deeply compassionate, and incisive clarity, Fiona gets to the heart of the issues I raise in our sessions. I leave our sessions with a fresh, always resonating, perspective on something I've been struggling with. Fiona provides specific therapeutic tools which power my own work outside of the sessions and have enriched my life greatly. .”  M. B., 33

Fiona's support is highly attuned and insightful


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